About company

Despite the establishment in 2015, a newly established  Ecoman LLC collected a wide customer base within a short period of time. The reason for this is that the primary objective of  Ecoman LLC in the service area is – to render  a high quality of service by carrying out wisher and  orders of the customers at the level of international standards, offer our customers the latest achievements in the  constantly changing and rapidly growing  world. Although our services meet the global standards, unlike the other cleaning companies in pricing policy  we targeted to provide service to all Azerbaijani families by evaluating  our services not only in line with  upper class with inflated prices, but contrarily, to the budget of Azerbaijani families with middle income. Therefore, due to high quality of service rendered by our professional staff in a short term, we allowed people of lower strata  to use such services at very reasonable prices and for this reason, we have heard satisfaction and pleasure from our customers so far. For the first time in Azerbaijan and the Caucasus Ecoman realized a new service and besides the standard cleaning services in the market, started to carry out   household waste directly from threshold of the door.

Not satisfying with this, started to   clean entries, corridors, stairs and elevators of our customers without charge. Along with this, Ecoman making charity innovation   started to carry household waste of retirees and lonely mothers directly from  the threshold of the door and clean entries, corridors, stairs and  elevators  of  residential buildings for free.

Ecoman was also distinguished  in labour market. So, unlike the other company, during the selection of staff we  did not required  persons willing  to cooperate with us   to know  5-6 languages,9-10 years’ of  work experience,  but to  be frank, honest, moral, decent, responsible, disciplined, respectful to people. Teaching  work  knowledge and  experience to the selected staff in special courses  organized by Ecoman we  introduced  high level  of  personnel  to our clients.

Due to above mentioned reasons, we are proud and enjoy working  with  our  clients. We express  deep  gratitude and  respect  to all our clients for trusting in us.


Sincerely: V.A.Mirzazada

General Director of  Ecoman LLC