Questions and answers

Many clients have specific questions of the services in professional cleaning of rooms which are rather provided by us. Below are the questions that are most frequently asked by our managers. If you had a question which you haven't found in this list, please, call by phone (*9966).

Yes, a specialist is equipped with necessary equipment and cleaning agents. Cleaner even has a vacuum cleaner! But if you have a vacuum cleaner and you do not mind if we take advantage of it - tell us, cleaner will be happy.
Many customers stay at home when they first buy cleaning at “EcoMan”. But next time they prefer to leave cleaners and go on business or leave the keys by the concierge or neighbors.
Specialists of the «Ecoman» company use only professional products of well-known manufacturers. Professional chemicals are produced by certain tasks, to achieve the desired result with the least impact on the temporary surface.
At any time that is convenient for you, we work. This statement applies, of course, for he aforementioned days.
Cleaning the place takes from 6 to 10 hours, depending on the footage, the degree of contamination and the complexity of operations. As a rule, general cleaning of the apartment takes 6-7 hours, cleaning of the apartment after the repair may take from 7 - 10 hours. General or after the repair cleaning of the cottages can last from 8 to 12 hours. In each case, the rate of cleaning and cleaning time is individual and depends on many factors (the footage, the degree of contamination, the object height, surface material, etc.)